Pushing Limits on a Spontaneous Run

I sat down to study for the GRE at 2PM, intent on spending the rest of the day going over math problems and vocab lists in order to be ready to take the test in two weeks. I haven’t studied much, and am slightly anxious about the impending results.

After my daily Facebook binge, I got to scrolling Instagram and stumbled upon my friend’s page run.ride.dog.repeat. I looked outside and felt a wave of joy rush through my body as I thought about running as far as possible. The day had been going absolutely swell up to this point; waking up at 9:30, morning sex, eggs and toast, more (amazing) sex, a short bike ride home, shower, mac and cheese, coffee, and 2 liters of water. Perfect way to start the day, almost too perfect because studying for a stupid standardized test after that just felt wholly inadequate.

So I was sitting there at my desk and trying to find some motivation to hit the road and start running. I was wondering if my shoes (Merrell Bare Access 2’s) would even make it on another long run…their sides were almost completely blown out, with two inch tears where the sole meets the mesh. So why not run until they break? Give them a proper burial for all the good times we’ve had together Lol. Boom, let’s do it! I chugged a glass of water, used the bathroom (I was hydrated), put $5 in my pocket, walked outside and started to go. Honestly, that was the best that I’ve ever felt while running since I can remember. It was easy, I was floating, fluid and fast, skimming the surface of the pavement (kind of), day-dreaming and smiling like a clown to all the passerby’s.

As soon as I realized how good I felt, I decided to run to my favorite trail that’s about 2.5 miles away. I got to the bottom, then 1.5 miles and about 1000 feet of up later I was at the top, still feeling like a million bucks, the best that I’ve felt at the top of that trail even though I ran it faster than normal. So I nabbed two handfuls of blackberries for fuel and kept going, intent on finding a trail called Beauty that I’ve only heard of. At this point I was only about 5 miles in and I was already starting to think I could be in for a marathon (furthest I’ve ever ran was 13 miles!). I didn’t have any water but knew that there would be people at the bottom of the trail system near the pond, and I could always beg some water from a nice biker or hiker. It was sort of an exhilarating feeling to put myself out there and have to rely on other people. In my mind, running through ways to ask for water and who I would ask kept me preoccupied while pumping down the steep trail and hopping over mountain bike jumps. Wooping and hollering. At the bottom, about 6 miles in, I was in a groove. Flowing on the flat trails and hopping on rocks and rocky banks and roots and stumps, over puddles, around families (that weren’t holding water bottles)- life literally couldn’t be any more glorious.

At nine miles I stopped a mountain biker to ask for water and un-apologetically drank half of his plastic bottle. I told him I left mine back at the top so I didn’t seem so unprepared, I was honestly starting to feel a little delirious. Past this point I looped past the pond and started to climb back up over the mountain again. 11 miles in I started to get pretty sore and hungry and walked for few minutes. Then I ran and walked for another 3 miles until I was finally at the top of the trail that I came up on. I ate all the blackberries in sight. And took the time to viciously kill the horsefly and other flies that had been tailing me the last few miles. I don’t like to kill animals but damn these ones had it coming.

I jogged and walked down the trail, still feeling hungry and thirsty but much, much better. At the bottom there was a gold mine of berries! So I ate like seven handfuls of blackberries and black raspberries. Walking and stretching the last mile uphill, I went towards Rising Silo, the farm-brewery that I work at part-time. My friends were there and I tried not to act like a zombie or brag about my run, casually chugging two liters of water and then a pint of beer. Then I got a ride home. #Winning

My shoes still didn’t break either, so I’ll have to go out again soon.


15.4 miles. +/- 4,300 ft. Avg pace = 11.5 minutes/mile



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