2 Realities – Social Media and the Present

Ever since watching this video about The Instagram Generation I have been thinking about the split realities that I live in. On one hand, there is the present, fleeting moment, that I am always experiencing. Simultaneously, there is another reality that I am creating and/or anticipating in my mind that will be displayed via social media. The social media “reality.” Both of these two realities are competing for my mental capacity every time that I realize that what I am doing could be a fun or exciting thing to show others, thus becoming conscious of the social media world. Most of the time, I am trying to live in the moment, trying not to look down at my phone, and stay present with friends or with my thoughts. I actually kind of abhor people that are not capable of being separate from their phone.

But, I created this blog and my Instagram to showcase my life to people and express myself in a creative way. So, that puts me in a bind when I go out biking or running or rock-climbing, etc. – I want to share photos, videos, and poems about what I am doing. Then I get to thinking about how to do this while I’m also trying to be present… this leads me to write blog posts in my head while running, or take extra time to frame pictures while climbing, instead of just enjoying the scenery or my partner.

Jason Silva says it is a good thing to anticipate our artistic creation of the present moment, because we get to look back on it and make our own reality “better.”  My qualm is just that the present joy is always obscured when anticipating how it will be put on display for the future. The displayed reality on social media is not the real truth, it is an illusion. Being enraptured in the present moment is much more satisfying, even if that memory fades and you have nothing to show for it. I would rather experience something completely real. There must be a balance between social media “reality” and the present moment, a mental dividing line so to keep them from interfering with each other. To keep myself sane and happy about both realities.


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