Bike Tour: Trans-America, Underground Railroad, Southern Tier

These are the routes that I plan to take to California on my first ever cross-country bike tour (almost coast-to-coast, except I’m not going to go out of my way to get to the east coast). Starting this Friday! September 9th, I will ride out to the Highland Farm for 3 days of music and art at the GypsyFest Reunion. (the promo video is hype) Straight from there I plan to leave around 3 or 4 PM on Sunday and camp along the New River Trail near Pulaski for my first night out on the road. After that, who knows?! I’ll keep you updated when I can through here.

Below, there are four sections and you can view them individually or click Show All to see the whole route. Click this link-thingy to view them in Ride with GPS, opens on any computer no download necessary:


Let me know if you have friends or family near the route that would be willing to help me out! Or if you know of any amazing spots that I should go see, this is an intentionally open-ended trip so please, please, let me know what I should be doing along the way.

Quick three reasons why I’m doing this:

  1. The timing was right in my life
  2. Self-discovery / to gain personal experience
  3. Fund-raise for the Bike Kitchen



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