Camp recipe: Potato Mac n’ Cheese

Don’t bother reading this post if you can’t eat one box of Annie’s macaroni and cheese. Nothing against you, but you just don’t need this in your life, you aren’t ready.

If you’re like me, you like Mac n’ cheese. And one box is never enough. Especially Annie’s because that stuff is dope. It’s got what you need for daily livelihood.

 But this recipe is aimed at the hardworking backpacker, bike tourist, or just a hungry person with only one pot and a tight budget. This will satisfy your insatiable hunger.

It’s stupid simple too: Mac and cheese + instant potatoes. I’ve used garlic, cheesy, and normal instant potatoes, all work but cheesy is king. I’d still choose the plain kind if it has less preservatives in it, for your health ya know.  Optional add-ins: Frank’s red hot sauce, milk/ dehydrated milk, butter/ghee, extra cheese, or whatever you think would taste good. Adding milk or butter is pretty key to making this taste good. 

All you do is cook the Mac in a little extra water. Then take the boiling pot off the heat and add and stir the potatoes and milk in until you get the right consistency of potatoes coating the noodles. Next, add the cheese dust and mix it in, adding a little extra water if you went too far on the potatoes and it’s thick/dusty. There you have it.

Pro tip: portion and mix instant potatoes and dehydrated milk together in a snack baggie to take out backpacking.


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