Made it to San Diego!

p1020469I got here yesterday, December 8th. Which means it took me just a day under 3 months to bike 4,150 miles! I have a big to-do list and I haven’t posted any updates on here since November 18th. Basically, I haven’t taken a day off at a public library since then…just biked hard to the finish!

Here’s what I want to put out in the next few days/weeks or however long it takes:

  1. Update of the miles and epicness that happened in the last 21 days
  2. A recap of the trip (full stats) and the important things I learned from it.
  3. Gear run-down of my favorites/least-favorites
  4. Photo/video montage(s)

I made it to San Diego way ahead of schedule (if you could call my plans “scheduled”) and have a full 11 days here by myself. I’m using, and friend’s/parent contacts to stay for free. I’m attempting to set up a work exchange at nearby farms so that I can stay in one place for longer. Next, my Dad, brother, and sister are going to meet me out here. After spending two or three days together we will fly to Minnesota to celebrate Christmas, then I’ll come back to San Diego on Jan. 1st so that I can bike up to San Francisco. I may even have a buddy coming with me on that leg. The goal is to get to San Francisco before Jan. 15th, ship my bike home, then bus into Lake Tahoe for a few days, and fly out of Reno to get home before Feb. 1st. Literally nothing is set in stone, but it’s falling into place.

I have a Permaculture Design Course scheduled starting February 10th and some half-baked ideas to plant an orchard/food forest and do some landscaping at my dad’s new property. Graduate school will start in August (assuming I get in). The world is my oyster so I’ll be making the best of it.

Stay Tuned.



2 thoughts on “Made it to San Diego!

  1. Yay yay yay! You surprised me by getting there so soon, you must have really been pedaling hard. Congratulations. I will look forward to your introspective recap!

    Who’s in the picture with you? I’m just so happy for you and this accomplishment!

    Sooo, I’m planning for Christmas. Are you hungry for home cooking after being on the road? Is there anything specific I can plan for you?

    Love, Gma



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