Women’s March

I went to the Women’s March in Oakland. I came in with little expectations, high hopes, but unsure of the direction of the protest – whether it was anti-Trump or pro-women or both. It was both, with a healthy mix of all the liberal issues; protecting the environment, anti-violence, defending rights of immigrants, minorities, and the LGBTQ community. But it was decidingly anti-Trump. This being his first day in office made me a little sad. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Trump, I AM anti-Trump. His policies, nationalism, and disregard for issues that I find to be extremely important (like environmental protections) is scary. But I’m not naive enough to be convinced that I am (or the political left) is right about everything. One thing that I’m convinced on is that divisive rhetoric is bad for everyone. Calling out his small hands, stupid hair, past mistakes, drawing false conclusions based on sensational news, is divisive and childish. It’s straight up ignorant. A parade full of people dissing Donald Trump is stupid. It’s like throwing rocks at storefronts, except it’s legal.

Even though conservative facebook news would say otherwise, the Women’s March wasn’t about that, it was about much bigger issues that demand our attention and participation. Like universal healthcare, protecting the choice of women and ending Big Oil’s influence on government. Overall it was uplifting, even if I’m not a female, it showed a massive amount of solidarity, community, and friendliness that is often missing in our lives. The fact that millions of people came out for these marches shows that there are issues they care about, something isn’t right, or they’ve simply been prodded by the liberal media that Donald Trump is going to destroy America. Whatever the reason, people are out in the streets being friendly with each other and holding hands, showing love for their neighbors, future generations, and people they’ve never met. I just wish it didn’t follow the Us versus Them storyline that we’ve been told for so long. I wish we didn’t have to call out Republicans and DJT for being islamophobic, rascist, fascists. Why does it take a common enemy to unite a people? If I knew the answer to that I’d write a book on it.

Let me know your own thoughts about the topic.


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